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What is the difference between velveteen and velvet?

Release time : 2020-05-28

Source : Met Group

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  1. Different materials

  Golden velvet is a single layer of raised silk fabric interwoven with mulberry silk and viscose yarn, which is then processed by the cut-through velvet method.

  Flannel is made of high-quality cotton yarn with warp and weft.

  2. Different classification

  Golden velvet is divided into ground warp and ground weft. All mulberry silk is used, but the velvet warp is made of light viscose.

  The difference of velvet yarns will be divided into warp velvet and pseudo velveteen. According to the length of the fluff, it is divided into train velvet and mercerized velveteen, which are longer.

  3. Different texture

  Golden velvet is soft and elastic in texture, soft in color, and well-knitted in wool, so it is a high-grade silk fabric.

  Warp velvet is a double-layer fabric made by interweaving ground warp yarns and pile warp yarns plus weft yarns. After cutting, the pile becomes two single-layer warp velveteen with flat piles.