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How to wash corduroy clothes?

Release time : 2020-05-28

Source : Met Group

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  How to wash corduroy clothes?

  I remember when I was chatting with my friends from Yijia Factory on Double Eleven, I told her: Corduroy is very popular this year. Our corduroy fabrics are also selling better this year. Like 8 cotton corduroy, it is rich and out of stock. The production of grey fabrics is limited and the supply is not enough! Asked whether she bought it on Double Eleven. She said that after looking at Taobao, there were corduroy jackets and corduroy pants. There were really a few corduroy pants on the shopping cart It's pretty and versatile, but I heard that corduroy is more difficult to handle. I don't know how to wash it. It's hard to see if it's broken. This made her hesitate to pay for it! I told her: we make corduroy You have the most say. In fact, corduroy clothing should be washed with fabric before it is made into ready-to-wear clothes, or washed with ready-to-wear clothes. It is also washed in the hands of consumers. The faded color and the hair should be lost. Don't worry if you are done. After our explanation, she assuredly paid for the purchase, do you have such concerns?

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  Large-scale oven of washing plant After corduroy is washed, it passes through the oven, and the wool dropped by the corduroy will fall into the oven during the rotation process and be sucked away!

  The following describes how to clean the corduroy? What precautions should be taken when washing?

  1. Corduroy clothes should be immersed in cold water with some soapy water or detergent powder clearly marked without bleach for 5 to 10 minutes. Because the bleach contains fluorescent agents, it will remain on the clothing, forming irregular stripes like horizontal stains. The immersion time should not be too long. The fabric will inevitably fade. The longer the immersion time, the more serious the fade.

  2. Gently scrub in the dirty area with your hands, do not rub hard on the washboard with a hard brush! This will damage the fullness of the fluff, and it will also cause serious local scrubbing, resulting in color difference and affecting aesthetics!

  3. Do not wash corduroy clothes with plush, especially fine plush, which is easy to shed, to prevent fine hair, and it will take some time to remove! Stick floating hair, you can use wide tape, reverse Stick, roll on corduroy clothing, you can remove the hair on the tape.

  Sticky hair, a treasure is sold!

  Can also use wide tape, anti-sticking, so that the fluff can be fluffed and stood upright!

  4. After washing, it is best to use a drum-type washing machine for dehydration. This is physical dehydration using centrifugal force. Compared with manual wringing, it is not prone to wrinkles!

  5. Its practical self-drying drum-type washing machine is the best for washing corduroy clothes. It is better to keep corduroy's velvet feel full and fluffy after washing it with cold water and drying it directly after dehydration, but remember that the time must not be dried. Long, generally 15-20 minutes, the size will shrink when the drying time is too long. If the sun is drying, there is no problem. After drying, you can use wide tape to stick hair back and forth on the surface of the clothes, so that the velvet will be full and three-dimensional.

  Washing drum type washing machine

  6. For corduroy clothes, use iron to hang iron for ironing. Common irons are easy to squash the fluff, and creases will also be produced!

  In fact, corduroy clothing is not as fragile as imagined, easy to shed hair, easy to fade, etc. In fact, the corduroy clothing on the hands of consumers are generally washed, the faded and faded, the hair loss It's gone. Wear it with confidence, wash it boldly, pay attention to the above points!