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Is corduroy good for thick or thin strips?

Release time : 2020-05-28

Source : Met Group

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  The stripe element of corduroy is very popular among consumers. Corduroy is divided into thick and thin strips. In the face of dazzling corduroy products, are they thicker or thinner? Now let's talk about this topic. The thickest corduroy in the market is one, and the finest is 35. A few corduroy refers to a few inches of corduroy in an inch of 2.54CM. The smaller the number, the thicker, for example, 1 is thicker than 2.5, 8 is thicker than 11, and the more the number, the thinner.

  The division of corduroy thickness:

  Generally less than 8 such as: 2.5, 4.5, etc. corduroy count as thick corduroy.

  Generally more than 8 such as: 11, 14, 16, 21, 28, 35 are considered as thin corduroy.

  Take nylon-polyester corduroy as an example:

  The thickest piece of nylon-polyester corduroy, which is as thick as a dollar coin.

  The thinnest straight strip of 28 corduroy. If you don't pay attention, you will often count the wrong number. 35 pieces will become like velveteen. The weaving of thick and thin strips is mainly due to the different design of the length of the weft floats. Corduroy is not available in any number, such as 40 or 50, because corduroy is a cut pile product, which is limited by the production equipment technology 28 cut velvets are more difficult. Cut velvet blades need to be imported, and it is easy to have defects such as cut velvet strips! Understand the thickness of corduroy strips, we will talk about the key points, corduroy is thick Good or thin?

  1. First depends on the purpose:

  1.1 Normal home textiles, plush toys use thick strips, because the thick strips give people a plush visual effect, giving people a warm and comfortable feeling!

  The indoor cotton mop made of thick corduroy gives a warm feeling.

  A stuffed toy made of thick corduroy requires a plush feel.

  Home pillow made of thick corduroy.

  1.2 Clothing, accessories and small items are generally thin.

  Thin corduroy, 11 coats made of cotton corduroy.

  Stripy corduroy, short skirt made of 14 cotton stretch corduroy.

  In recent years, 8 corduroy daddy pants made of 8 corduroys are not thick or thin. Corduroy pants generally consist of thin strips such as 16, 21, etc.

  28, 35 men's suits made of velveteen corduroy, what would a suit made of 2.5 thick strips look like?

  Second, whether the thick strip is good or the thin strip is good depends on the functional requirements and the advantages and disadvantages of the thick and thin corduroy.

  Should be rough style, and choose the thick bar with strong warmth. It should be stable. The thin bar is better for the coordination of beauty. In contrast to the shortcomings of thick and thin corduroy, thick corduroy is easier to shed hair and stick to hair, and it is more difficult to restore the original fluffy effect after cleaning. Thin strips are easy to clean and are not easily deformed after washing. Especially for baby corduroy blouses used by infants and young children, you must choose thin strips, thick stripe hair, easy to get hair on the face, or even suck into the nasal cavity. , Generally 14 or 21 thin strips. In the selection of thick and thin strips, generally the finer the velvet, the thinner it will be, and the poorer the tear fastness. Considering the durability, the tear fastness must also be considered. Or ring spinning quality.