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What kind of corduroy fabric is mainly

Release time : 2020-05-28

Source : Met Group

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  Today, I mainly share with you "wearing". For designers, the most important core of designing a dress is to choose the right fabric. What kind of fabric is good? It is difficult to say, depends on This kind of fabric is used to make finished products, so today I will introduce some fabric knowledge to you.

  Original yarn selection: The quality of the original yarn is related to whether the weaving and post-processing technology can be carried out smoothly and the quality of the finished product. Therefore, there is a certain request for yarn quality. Modal cotton blended yarn is made of first-grade fine-pile cotton, which has less velvet, neps and impurities, and after combing, the twist of the finished yarn is large, which is conducive to the weaving of corduroy fabrics. However, as a warp yarn, its strength and wear resistance are not enough, and sizing is required.

  Judgement of warp and weft yarn fineness and fabric density: Because corduroy fabric is raised by weft yarn, the weft density is larger, the beating resistance during weaving is also greater, and the tension and resistance of the warp yarn are also greater. In order to reduce the breakage, weaving into a firm ground cloth, warp yarns are usually strands or single yarns with greater twist. When using single yarn as the warp, it is necessary to fully sizing. In order to facilitate raising, weft yarns are made of special single yarns. When the yarn is thin, weft density should be added. The density of warp and weft yarns is related to the pile height, density and fabric fastness. Weft density is large, dense down. Under the condition of the same arrangement, the pile is short and firmly consolidated, the fabric is tight, but the feel is hard. Generally, the corduroy fabric has a weft tightness of up to 140% to 180% and a warp tightness of 50% to 60%, which is about 1/3 of the weft tightness. Small warp tightness and large weft tightness are a major feature of corduroy fabrics.

  The original yarn is 18.2 tex single yarn, although the twist is large, but the single yarn strength is too small, as long as 271.2 cN, far from satisfactory weaving request, after trial weaving, the foundation can not be used for weaving, so the original yarn should be sized. Due to the fineness of the original yarn, in order to facilitate raising and cut pile, weft density should be increased as much as possible under the condition that weaving can proceed smoothly. At the same time, considering the factors such as pile height, density and fabric fastness, in order to make the fabric reach a better situation, the design should try to keep the ratio of warp tightness and weft tightness at l / 3 About, that is, the meridional density is about l / 3 of the latitudinal density.