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Vintage velveteen

Vintage velveteen
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  Choose our five advantages:

  1. The whole industry chain production, quick response, stable quality

  2. Strong development ability, ability to respond quickly to customer's requirements Due to the production of the whole industry chain, we can help customers to customize special yarn and special woven fabrics, and fast dyeing reaction

  3. There are many customers, there are many sources of customer information, and the market touch is more agile

  4. Most of the customers are well-known retailers worldwide. After in-depth inspections by most customers, they are trustworthy

  5. There are many varieties, almost all the new varieties of velveteen on the market come from our originality, and there are abundant sample resources

  6. Various qualification certifications

  Unique technology and industry leading:

  1. The company's cold transfer printing process has applied for a national patent, which has a great advantage in the expressive power of cotton wool printing

  2. The company's extra-wide velveteen formed a complete industrial chain and a certain production capacity in 2019, which is currently the leading domestic